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§63‑81.  District board; composition, appointment, terms and oaths;organization; meetings; quorum.

(a)        Appointment ofBoard for District. – The board of the special airport district shall becomposed of two representatives from each of the participating units of localgovernment appointed annually by the governing body of each of said units oflocal government, respectively, from among their members at the first regularmeeting thereof in January. Each member of the district board must be a memberof the governing body of the unit of local government by which he wasappointed. Membership on the district board may be held in addition to theoffices authorized by G.S. 128‑1 or 128‑1.1. Said representativesshall hold office from their appointment until their successors are appointedand qualified, except that when any member of the district board ceases for anyreason to be a member of the governing body of the unit of local government bywhich he was appointed, he shall simultaneously cease to be a member of saiddistrict board. Upon the occurrence of any vacancy on said district board, thevacancy shall be filled within 30 days after notice thereof by the governingbody of the participating unit of local government having a vacancy in itsrepresentation. Within 30 days after the expiration of the period set forth inG.S. 63‑80 hereof, the governing body of each participating unit of localgovernment shall appoint its representatives to hold office until successorsshall be appointed in the manner hereinbefore provided. Each member of thedistrict board, before entering upon his duties, shall take and subscribe anoath or affirmation to support the Constitution and laws of the United Statesand of this State and to discharge faithfully the duties of his office; and arecord of each such oath shall be filed in the minutes of the respectiveparticipating units of local government.

(b)        District BoardProcedures. – The district board shall meet regularly at such places and onsuch dates as are determined by the board. Special meetings may be called bythe chairman on his own initiative and shall be called by him upon request oftwo or more members of the board. All members shall be notified in writing atleast 24 hours in advance of such meeting. A majority of the members of thedistrict board shall constitute a quorum. No vacancy in the membership of thedistrict board shall impair the right of a quorum to exercise all the rightsand perform all the duties of the district board. No action, other than anaction to recess or adjourn, shall be taken except upon a majority vote of theentire authorized membership of said district board. Each member, including thechairman, shall be entitled to vote on any question.

(c)        District BoardOfficers. – The district board shall elect annually in January from among itsmembers a chairman, vice‑chairman, secretary and treasurer. (1979,c. 689, s. 4.)