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§ 70‑33.  Consultationwith other individuals.

(a)        If the professionalarchaeologist determines that the human skeletal remains are other than NativeAmerican, the State Archaeologist shall publish notice that excavation of theremains has occurred, at least once per week for four successive weeks in anewspaper of general circulation in the county where the burials or skeletalremains were situated, in an effort to determine the identity or next of kin orboth of the deceased.

(b)        If the next of kinare located, within 90 days the State Archaeologist in consultation with thenext of kin shall prepare a written agreement concerning the treatment andultimate disposition of the skeletal remains. The written agreement shallinclude:

(1)        Designation of aqualified skeletal analyst to work on the skeletal remains;

(2)        The type of analysisand the specific period of time to be provided for analysis of the skeletalremains;

(3)        The timetable forwritten progress reports and the final report concerning the skeletal analysisto be provided to the State Archaeologist and the next of kin by the skeletalanalyst; and

(4)        A plan for theultimate disposition of the skeletal remains subsequent to the completion ofadequate skeletal analysis.

If no agreement is reached,the remains shall be handled according to the wishes of the next of kin. (1981, c. 853, s. 2; 2007‑484,s. 10(f).)