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§ 70‑34.  Skeletalanalysis.

(a)        Skeletal analysisconducted under the provisions of this Article shall only be accomplished bypersons having those qualifications expressed in G.S. 70‑28(5).

(b)        Prior to theexecution of the written agreements outlined in G.S. 70‑32(c) and 70‑33(b),the State Archaeologist shall consult with both the professional archaeologistand the skeletal analyst investigating the remains.

(c)        The professionalarchaeologist and the skeletal analyst shall submit a proposal to the StateArchaeologist within the 90‑day period set forth in G.S. 70‑32(c)and 70‑33(b), including:

(1)        Methodology andtechniques to be utilized;

(2)        Research objectives;

(3)        Proposed timeschedule for completion of the analysis; and

(4)        Proposed timeintervals for written progress reports and the final report to be submitted.

(d)        If the terms of thewritten agreement are not substantially met, the Executive Director or the nextof kin, after consultation with the State Archaeologist, may take possession ofthe skeletal remains. In such case, the State Archaeologist may ensure thatappropriate skeletal analysis is conducted by another qualified skeletalanalyst prior to ultimate disposition of the skeletal remains. (1981, c. 853, s. 2; 2007‑484,s. 10(g).)