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§70‑36.  Financial responsibility.

(a)        The provisions ofthis Article shall not require that the owner of the land on which the unmarkedhuman burials or human skeletal remains are found, bear the cost of excavation,removal, analysis or disposition.

(b)        If a determinationis made by the Executive Director, in consultation with an appropriate tribalgroup or community, that Native American skeletal remains shall be reinterredfollowing the completion of skeletal analysis, an appropriate tribal group or communitymay provide a suitable burial location. If it elects not to do so, it shall bethe responsibility of the North Carolina Commission of Indian Affairs toprovide a suitable burial location.

(c)        The expense oftransportation of Native American remains to the reburial location shall beborne by the party conducting the excavation and removal of the skeletalremains. The reburial ceremony may be provided by an appropriate tribal groupor community. If it elects not to do so, the reburial ceremony shall be theresponsibility of the Commission of Indian Affairs. (1981, c. 853, s. 2.)