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§ 70‑49.  The NorthCarolina Archaeological Record Program.

(a)        The Department ofCultural Resources, Office of Archives and History shall establish the NorthCarolina Archaeological Record Program. The purpose of the Program shall be toassist private owners of archaeological resources in the preservation andprotection of those resources. Participation in the Program shall be voluntary.

(b)        As part of theProgram, the Department shall establish and maintain the North CarolinaArchaeological Record. The North Carolina Archeological Record shall include alist of the archaeological resources owned privately by each personparticipating in the Program. No archaeological resource shall be enrolled inthe Record without the permission of its owner.

(c)        An archaeologicalresource that is enrolled in the North Carolina Archaeological Record shall beremoved from the Record at the written request of either the StateArchaeologist or the owner of the archaeological resource. The archaeologicalresource shall be removed from the Record 30 days after the receipt by theDepartment of Cultural Resources of the written request. (1991, c. 461, s. 2; 2002‑159,s. 35(c).)