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§75D‑2.  Findings and intent of General Assembly.

(a)        The GeneralAssembly finds that a severe problem is posed in this State by the increasingorganization among certain unlawful elements and the increasing extent to whichorganized unlawful activities and funds acquired as a result of organizedunlawful activity are being directed to and against the legitimate economy ofthe State.

(b)        The GeneralAssembly declares that the purpose and intent of this Chapter is: to deterorganized unlawful activity by imposing civil equitable sanctions against thissubversion of the economy by organized unlawful elements; to prevent the unjustenrichment of those engaged in organized unlawful activity; to restore thegeneral economy of the State all of the proceeds, money, profits, and property,both real and personal of every kind and description which is owned, used oracquired through organized unlawful activity by any person or association ofpersons whether natural, incorporated or unincorporated in this State; and toprovide compensation to private persons injured by organized unlawful activity.It is not the intent of the General Assembly to in any way interfere with theattorney‑client relationship.

(c)        It is not theintent of the General Assembly that this Chapter apply to isolated andunrelated incidents of unlawful conduct but only to an interrelated pattern oforganized unlawful activity, the purpose or effect of which is to derivepecuniary gain. Further, it is not the intent of the General Assembly thatlegitimate business organizations doing business in this State, having noconnection to, or any relationship or involvement with organized unlawfulelements, groups or activities be subject to suit under the provisions of thisChapter. (1985 (Reg. Sess., 1986), c. 999, s. 1; 1989, c. 489,s. 1.)