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§ 7B‑1407.  Local Teams;composition.

(a)        Each Local Teamshall consist of representatives of public and nonpublic agencies in thecommunity that provide services to children and their families and otherindividuals who represent the community. No single team shall encompass ageographic or governmental area larger than one county.

(b)        Each Local Teamshall consist of the following persons:

(1)        The director of thecounty department of social services and a member of the director's staff;

(2)        A local law enforcementofficer, appointed by the board of county commissioners;

(3)        An attorney from thedistrict attorney's office, appointed by the district attorney;

(4)        The executivedirector of the local community action agency, as defined by the Department ofHealth and Human Services, or the executive director's designee;

(5)        The superintendentof each local school administrative unit located in the county, or thesuperintendent's designee;

(6)        A member of thecounty board of social services, appointed by the chair of that board;

(7)        A local mentalhealth professional, appointed by the director of the area authorityestablished under Chapter 122C of the General Statutes;

(8)        The local guardianad litem coordinator, or the coordinator's designee;

(9)        The director of thelocal department of public health; and

(10)      A local health careprovider, appointed by the local board of health.

(c)        In addition, aLocal Team that reviews the records of additional child fatalities shallinclude the following five additional members:

(1)        An emergency medicalservices provider or firefighter, appointed by the board of countycommissioners;

(2)        A district courtjudge, appointed by the chief district court judge in that district;

(3)        A county medicalexaminer, appointed by the Chief Medical Examiner;

(4)        A representative ofa local child care facility or Head Start program, appointed by the director ofthe county department of social services; and

(5)        A parent of a childwho died before reaching the child's eighteenth birthday, to be appointed bythe board of county commissioners.

(d)        The TeamCoordinator shall serve as an ex officio member of each Local Team that reviewsthe records of additional child fatalities. The board of county commissionersmay appoint a maximum of five additional members to represent county agenciesor the community at large to serve on any Local Team. Vacancies on a Local Teamshall be filled by the original appointing authority.

(e)        Each Local Teamshall elect a member to serve as chair at the Team's pleasure.

(f)         Each Local Teamshall meet at least four times each year.

(g)        The director of thelocal department of social services shall call the first meeting of theCommunity Child Protection Team. The director of the local department ofhealth, upon consultation with the Team Coordinator, shall call the firstmeeting of the Child Fatality Prevention Team. Thereafter, the chair of eachLocal Team shall schedule the time and place of meetings, in consultation withthese directors, and shall prepare the agenda. The chair shall schedule Teammeetings no less often than once per quarter and often enough to allow adequatereview of the cases selected for review. Within three months of election, thechair shall participate in the appropriate training developed under this Article.(1993, c. 321, s. 285(a); 1997‑443, s. 11A.100; 1997‑456,s. 27; 1997‑506, s. 52; 1998‑202, s. 6.)