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§ 7B‑1410.  Local Teams;duties of the director of the local department of health.

In addition to any otherduties as a member of the Local Team and in connection with reviews ofadditional child fatalities, the director of the local department of health shall:

(1)        Distribute copies ofthe written procedures developed by the Team Coordinator under G.S. 7B‑1408to the administrators of all agencies represented on the Local Team and to allmembers of the Local Team;

(2)        Maintain records,including minutes of all official meetings, lists of participants for eachmeeting of the Local Team, and signed confidentiality statements required underG.S. 7B‑1413, in compliance with applicable rules and law;

(3)        Provide staffsupport for these reviews; and

(4)        Report quarterly tothe local board of health, or as required by the board, on the activities ofthe Local Team. (1993, c. 321, s. 285(a); 1998‑202, s. 6.)