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§ 7B‑1806.  Service ofsummons.

The summons and petition shallbe personally served upon the parent, the guardian, or custodian and thejuvenile not less than five days prior to the date of the scheduled hearing.The time for service may be waived in the discretion of the court.

If the parent, guardian, orcustodian entitled to receive a summons cannot be found by a diligent effort,the court may authorize service of the summons and petition by mail or bypublication. The cost of the service by publication shall be advanced by thepetitioner and may be charged as court costs as the court may direct.

The court may issue a showcause order for contempt against a parent, guardian, or custodian who ispersonally served and fails without reasonable cause to appear and to bring thejuvenile before the court.

The provisions of G.S. 15A‑301(a),(c), (d), and (e) relating to criminal process apply to juvenile process;provided the period of time for return of an unserved summons is 30 days. (1979,c. 815, s. 1; 1998‑202, s. 6.)