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§ 7B‑2402.  Openhearings.

All hearings authorized orrequired pursuant to this Subchapter shall be open to the public unless thecourt closes the hearing or part of the hearing for good cause, upon motion ofa party or its own motion. If the court closes the hearing or part of thehearing to the public, the court may allow any victim, member of a victim'sfamily, law enforcement officer, witness or any other person directly involvedin the hearing to be present at the hearing.

In determining good cause to closea hearing or part of a hearing, the court shall consider the circumstances ofthe case, including, but not limited to, the following factors:

(1)        The nature of theallegations against the juvenile;

(2)        The age and maturityof the juvenile;

(3)        The benefit to thejuvenile of confidentiality;

(4)        The benefit to thepublic of an open hearing; and

(5)        The extent to whichthe confidentiality of the juvenile's file will be compromised by an openhearing.

Nohearing or part of a hearing shall be closed by the court if the juvenilerequests that it remain open. (1979, c. 815, s. 1; 1998‑202,s. 6; 1998‑229, s. 5.)