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§ 7B‑2504.  Conditionsof protective supervision for undisciplined juveniles.

The court may place a juvenileon protective supervision pursuant to G.S. 7B‑2503 so that the juvenilecourt counselor may (i) assist the juvenile in securing social, medical, andeducational services and (ii) visit and work with the family as a unit toensure the juvenile is provided proper supervision and care. The court mayimpose any combination of the following conditions of protective supervisionthat are related to the needs of the juvenile, including:

(1)        That the juvenileshall remain on good behavior and not violate any laws;

(2)        That the juvenileattend school regularly;

(3)        That the juvenilemaintain passing grades in up to four courses during each grading period and meetwith the juvenile court counselor and a representative of the school to make aplan for how to maintain those passing grades;

(4)        That the juvenilenot associate with specified persons or be in specified places;

(5)        That the juvenileabide by a prescribed curfew;

(6)        That the juvenilereport to a juvenile court counselor as often as required by a juvenile courtcounselor;

(7)        That the juvenile beemployed regularly if not attending school; and

(8)        That the juvenilesatisfy any other conditions determined appropriate by the court. (1979, c. 815, s. 1; 1998‑202,s. 6; 2001‑490, s. 2.20.)