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§ 7B‑3903.  Content ofcompacts.

(a)        A compact underthis Article shall contain all of the following provisions:

(1)        A provision makingit available for joinder by all states.

(2)        A provision forwithdrawal from the compact upon written notice to the parties, with a periodof at least one year between the date of the notice and effective date of thewithdrawal.

(3)        A requirement thatthe protections afforded by or under the compact continue in force for theduration of the adoption assistance and apply to all children and theiradoptive parents who, on the effective date of the withdrawal, are receivingadoption assistance from a party state other than the state in which they are aresident and have their principal place of abode.

(4)        A requirement thateach instance of adoption assistance to which the compact applies be covered byan adoption assistance agreement in writing between the adoptive parents andthe state child welfare agency of the state which undertakes to provide theadoption assistance and that any such agreement be expressly for the benefit ofthe adopted child and enforceable by the adoptive parents and the state childwelfare agency providing the adoption assistance.

(5)        Any other provisionsappropriate to implement the proper administration of the compact.

(b)        A compact enteredinto under this Article may contain any of the following provisions:

(1)        Provisionsestablishing procedures and entitlement to medical and other necessary socialservices for the child in accordance with applicable laws, even though thechild and the adoptive parents are in a state other than the one responsiblefor or providing the services or the funds to defray part or all of the expensethereof.

(2)        Any other provisionsappropriate or incidental to the proper administration of the compact. (1999‑190,s. 5.)