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§ 7B‑3904.  Medicalassistance.

(a)        A child withspecial needs who is a resident of this State who is the subject of an adoptionassistance agreement with another state shall be accepted as being entitled toreceive medical assistance certification from this State upon the filing in thedepartment of social services of the county in which the child resides acertified copy of the adoption assistance agreement obtained from the adoptionassistance state.

(b)        The Division ofMedical Assistance shall consider the holder of a medical assistancecertification under this section to be entitled to the same medical benefitsunder the laws of this State as any other holder of a medical assistancecertification and shall process and make payment on claims on account of thatholder in the same manner and under the same conditions and procedures thatapply to other recipients of medical assistance.

(c)        The provisions ofthis section apply only to medical assistance for children under adoptionassistance agreements from states that have entered into a compact with thisState under which the other state provides medical assistance to children withspecial needs under adoption assistance agreements made by this State. (1999‑190,s. 5.)