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State Codes and Statutes

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Cattle Brands.

§ 80‑45.  Owners ofstock to register brand or marks.

Every person who has anyhorses, cattle, hogs or sheep may have an earmark or brand different from theearmark or brand of all other persons, which he shall record with the clerk ofthe board of commissioners of the county where his horses, cattle, hogs orsheep are; and he may brand all horses 18 months old and upwards with the saidbrand, and earmark all his hogs and sheep six months old and upwards with thesaid earmark; and earmark or brand all his cattle 12 months old and upwards;and if any dispute shall arise about any earmark or brand, the same shall bedecided by the record thereof. (R.C., c. 17, s. 1; Code, s.2317; Rev., s. 3028; C.S., s. 4017.)