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§ 84‑34.2.  Specificstatutory authority for certain fees.

In addition to fees theCouncil is elsewhere authorized to charge and collect, the Council may chargeand collect the following fees in amounts determined by the Council:

(1)        A reinstatement feefor any attorney seeking reinstatement from inactive status, administrativesuspension, or suspension for failure to comply with the annual continuinglegal education requirements.

(2)        A registration feeand annual renewal fee for an interstate or international law firm.

(3)        An attendance feefor continuing legal education programs that may include a fee to support theChief Justice's Commission on Professionalism.

(4)        A late fee forfailing to file timely the continuing legal education annual report form, forfailure to pay attendance fees, or failure to complete the annual continuinglegal education requirements.

(5)        An administrativefee for any attorney against whom discipline has been imposed. (2005‑396, s. 7.)