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§89C‑19.  Public works; requirements where public safety involved.

This State and its politicalsubdivisions such as counties, cities, towns, or other political entities orlegally constituted boards, commissions, public utility companies, orauthorities, or officials, or employees of these entities shall not engage inthe practice of engineering or land surveying involving either public orprivate property where the safety of the public is directly involved withoutthe project being under the supervision of a professional engineer for thepreparations of plans and specifications for engineering projects, or aprofessional land surveyor for land surveying projects, as provided for thepractice of the respective professions by this Chapter.

An official or employee of theState or any political subdivision specified in this section, holding thepositions set out in this section as of June 19, 1975, shall be exempt from theprovisions of this section so long as such official or employee is engaged insubstantially the same type of work as is involved in the present position.

Nothing in this section shallbe construed to prohibit inspection, maintenance and service work done byemployees of the State of North Carolina, any political subdivision of theState, or any municipality including construction, installation, servicing, andmaintenance by regular full‑time employees of, secondary roads anddrawings incidental to work on secondary roads, streets, street lighting,traffic‑control signals, police and fire alarm systems, waterworks,steam, electric and sewage treatment and disposal plants, the services ofsuperintendents, inspectors or foremen regularly employed by the State of NorthCarolina or any political subdivision of the State, or municipal corporation.

The provisions in this sectionshall not be construed to alter or modify the requirements of Article 1 ofChapter 133 of the General Statutes. (1975, c. 681, s. 1; 1998‑118,s. 17.)