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§ 90‑113.37A.  Renewal of credential; lapse.

(a)        Every person credentialed pursuant to this Article whodesires to maintain his or her credentials shall apply to the Board for arenewal of certification or licensure every other year and pay to the treasurerthe prescribed fee.

(b)        Renewal of licensure is subject to completion of at least 40hours of the continuing education requirements established by the Board.Renewal of substance abuse counselor or substance abuse prevention consultantcertification is subject to completion of at least 60 hours of the continuingeducation requirements established by the Board. A certified substance abusecounselor shall submit a Board‑approved supervision contract signed bythe applicant and a practice supervisor documenting ongoing supervision at aratio of one hour of supervision to every 40 hours of practice aftercertification is granted by the Board on a form provided by the Board. Anyperson certified by the Board as a certified alcoholism counselor or certifieddrug abuse counselor shall become a certified substance abuse counselor.

A clinical supervisor shall complete at least 15 hours of substanceabuse clinical supervision training prior to the certificate being renewed. Asubstance abuse residential facility director shall complete at least 10 hoursof substance abuse training for renewal. A certified criminal justiceaddictions professional shall complete at least 40 hours of continuingeducation that must be earned in the certified criminal justice addictions professionalperformance domains. A certified criminal justice addictions professional shallsubmit a Board‑approved supervision contract signed by the criminaljustice addictions professional and a practice supervisor documenting ongoingsupervision at a ratio of one hour of supervision to every 40 hours of practiceafter certification is granted by the Board on a form provided by the Board.

(c)        Independent study hours shall compose no more than fiftypercent (50%) of the total number of hours required for renewal.

(d)        A credential that is not renewed automatically lapses,unless the Board approves the late renewal of a credential upon the payment ofa late fee.

(e)        No late renewal shall be granted more than five years aftera certification or licensure expires.

(f)         A suspended credential may be renewed as provided in thissection. This renewal does not entitle the credentialed person to engage inconduct or activity in violation of the order or judgment by which thecredential was suspended, until the credential is reinstated. If a credentialrevoked on disciplinary grounds is reinstated and requires renewal, thecredentialed person shall pay the renewal fee and any applicable late fee.

(g)        The Board shall establish the manner in which lapsedcertification or licensure may be revived or extended. (1993 (Reg. Sess., 1994), c. 685, s. 1; 1997‑492, s. 6; 1999‑164,s. 8; 2005‑431, s. 1.)