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§ 90‑113.58.  Commission authority to controlpseudoephedrine products.

(a)        The Commission may add or delete a specific pseudoephedrineproduct from requirements of this Article on the petition of any interestedparty, or its own motion. In addition, the Commission may modify the specificstorage, security, transaction limit, and record‑keeping requirementsapplicable to a particular product upon such terms and conditions as they deemappropriate. In every case, the Commission shall give notice of and hold apublic hearing pursuant to Chapter 150B of the General Statutes prior to addingor deleting a product. A petition by the Commission or the North CarolinaDepartment of Justice to add or delete a specific product from requirements ofthis Article shall be placed on the agenda for consideration at the nextregularly scheduled meeting of the Commission, as a matter of right. In makinga determination regarding a specific product, the Commission shall considerwhether or not there is substantial evidence that the specific product would beused to manufacture methamphetamine in the State.

(b)        In making a determination, the Commission shall makefindings with respect thereto and shall issue an order adding or deleting thespecific product from requirements of this Article. The order shall bepublished in the North Carolina Register at least 60 days prior to the timethat the addition or deletion of a specific product from the requirements ofthis Article becomes effective.

(c)        The Commission may adopt temporary and permanent rules inaccordance with this section. (2005‑434, s.1.)