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§ 90‑127.3.  Copyof prescription furnished on request.

All persons licensed or registered under this Chapter shall uponrequest give each patient having received an eye examination a copy of hisspectacle prescription. No person, firm or corporation licensed or registeredunder Article 17 of this Chapter shall fill a prescription or dispense lenses,other than spectacle lenses, unless the prescription specifically states on itsface that the prescriber intends it to be for contact lenses and includes the typeand specifications of the contact lenses being prescribed. The prescriber shallstate the expiration date on the face of every prescription, and the expirationdate shall be no earlier than 365 days after the examination date.

Any person, firm or corporation that dispenses contact lenses on theprescription of a practitioner licensed under Articles 1 or 6 of this Chaptershall, at the time of delivery of the lenses, inform the  recipient both orallyand in writing that he return to the prescriber for insertion of the lens,instruction on lens insertion and care, and to ascertain the accuracy andsuitability of the prescribed lens. The  statement shall also state that if therecipient does not return to the prescriber after delivery of the lens for the purposesstated above, the prescriber shall not be responsible for any damages or injuryresulting from the prescribed lens, except that this sentence does not apply ifthe dispenser and the prescriber are the same person.

Prescriptions filled pursuant to this section shall be kept on file bythe prescriber and the person filling the prescription for at least 24 monthsafter the prescription is filled. (1981, c. 496, s. 14.)