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§ 90‑143.2.  Certification of diagnostic imagingtechnicians.

(a)        The State Board of Chiropractic Examiners shall certify thecompetence of any person employed by a licensed chiropractor practicing in theState if the employee's duties include the production of diagnostic images,whether by X ray or other imaging technology. Applicants for certification mustdemonstrate proficiency in the following subjects:

(1)        Physics and equipment of radiographic imaging;

(2)        Principles of radiographic exposure;

(3)        Radiographic protection;

(4)        Anatomy and physiology;

(5)        Radiographic positioning and procedure.

The State Board of Chiropractic Examiners may adoptrules pertaining to initial educational requirements, examination ofapplicants, and continuing education requirements as are reasonably required toenforce this provision.

(b)        Any person seeking to renew a certification of competencepreviously issued by the Board shall pay to the secretary of the Board a fee asprescribed and set by the Board which fee shall not be more than fifty dollars($50.00). (1991, c. 633, s. 1; 2002‑59,s. 1.)