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§ 90‑154.4.  Enticementsprohibited.

(a)        For purposes ofthis section, an enticement is anything of monetary value offered by achiropractor to a prospective patient as an incentive to enter treatment.Except as permitted in subsection (b) of this section, it shall be an unlawfulrebate, in violation of G.S. 90‑154(b)(12), for a chiropractor to offeran enticement to a prospective patient if, at the time the offer is made, thechiropractor knows or has reason to believe that the prospective patient'streatment expenses will be paid in whole or part by an insurer or other third‑partypayor.

(b)        Unless prohibitedby other State or federal law, the following marketing practices shall not beconstrued as violations of subsection (a) of this section:

(1)        Free or reducedrates, services, examinations, or treatments advertised and delivered inconformity with G.S. 90‑154.1.

(2)        Cash or point‑of‑servicediscounts not more than 30 percentage points lower than the charges customarilybilled to third‑party payors.

(3)        Prepaid wellnessplans covering only services that can be performed entirely by the offeringchiropractor or the chiropractor's staff within the confines of thechiropractor's office.

(4)        Merchandise with avalue of not more than ten dollars ($10.00) given to a prospective patient forpromotional purposes. (2007‑525, s. 3.)