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State Codes and Statutes

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§ 90‑171.37A.  Use ofhearing committee and depositions.

(a)        The Board, in itsdiscretion, may designate in writing three or more of its members to conducthearings as a hearing committee to take evidence. A majority of the hearingcommittee shall be licensed nurses.

(b)        Evidence andtestimony may be presented at hearings before the Board or a hearing committeein the form of depositions before any person authorized to administer oaths inaccordance with the procedure for the taking of depositions in civil actions inthe superior court.

(c)        The hearingcommittee shall submit a recommended decision that contains findings of factand conclusions of law to the Board. Before the Board makes a final decision,it shall give each party an opportunity to file written exceptions to therecommended decision made by the hearing committee and to present oralarguments to the Board. A majority of the qualified members present and votingof the full Board shall issue a final decision. (2007‑148, s. 2.)