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§ 90‑171.61.  NursingScholars Program established; administration.

(a)        There isestablished the Nursing Scholars Program. The North Carolina Nursing ScholarsCommission shall determine selection criteria, methods of selection, and shallselect recipients of scholarship loans made under the Nursing Scholars Program.

(b)        The NursingScholars Program shall be used to provide the following:

(1)        Scholarship loans inamounts of up to six thousand five hundred dollars ($6,500) per year, for eachscholarship of no more than four years per recipient, to North Carolinaresidents interested in preparing to become registered nurses through associateor baccalaureate degree programs or through diploma programs.

(2)        through (4) Repealedby Session Laws 2006‑66, s. 9.9(a), effective July 1, 2006, andapplicable to all scholarship loans awarded or renewed on or after that date.

(5)        Scholarship loans ofsix thousand five hundred dollars ($6,500) per year, per recipient, for twoyears of study leading to a master of science in nursing degree for residentsalready holding a baccalaureate degree in nursing.

In awarding scholarship loanspursuant to subdivisions (1) and (5) of this subsection, the Commission mayaward pro rata scholarship loans to recipients enrolled at least half‑timein study to become registered nurses or to attain a master of science innursing degree. In awarding all scholarship loans, the Commission shall givepriority to full‑time students over part‑time students. The StateEducation Assistance Authority shall adopt specific rules to regulatescholarship loans to part‑time nursing students.

Within current funds availableor with any additional funds provided by the General Assembly for this purpose,the Commission may set aside slots for scholarship loans prescribed by subdivision (1) of this subsection to enable licensed practical nurses tobecome registered nurses. The State Education Assistance Authority shall adoptspecific rules to regulate these scholarship loans.

(b1)      If a recipient isawarded a scholarship loan under this program and is enrolled, or accepted forenrollment, in a baccalaureate nursing program, but is unable to pursue thecourse of study in nursing for a semester due to limited faculty resources atthe institution for that semester, then the recipient shall continue to receivethe scholarship loan for that semester and shall not be required to forfeit orrepay the scholarship loan for that semester provided that the recipientremains otherwise eligible for the program. This waiver shall be valid for onlyone semester of study and may extend a recipient's eligibility for fundingunder the program by no more than one semester.

(c)        The Commissionshall adopt stringent standards, which may include minimum grade point average,scholastic aptitude test scores, and other standards deemed appropriate by theCommission, to ensure that only the best potential students receive and retainloans under the Nursing Scholars Program. Standards adopted by the Commissionshall include provisions for ensuring that the qualifications of applicants whoare or would be nontraditional students are considered fairly in providing themwith opportunities to compete for the loans. Loans under the Nursing ScholarsProgram shall be awarded only to applicants who meet the standards set by theCommission and who agree to practice nursing in North Carolina upon completionof the nursing education program supported by the loan.

(d)        The Commissionshall develop and administer the Nursing Scholars Program in cooperation with nursingschools at institutions approved by the Commission and the North Carolina Boardof Nursing. The Nursing Scholars Program shall provide for participants to beexposed to a range of extracurricular activities while in school, whichactivities shall be aimed at instilling in students a strong motivation toremain in the practice of nursing and to provide leadership for the nursingprofession.

(e)        The Commission mayform regional review committees within North Carolina to assist it inidentifying the best high school seniors and other applicants for the program.The Commission and the review committees shall make an effort to identify andencourage minority students and students who may not otherwise consider acareer in nursing to apply for the Nursing Scholars Program.

(f)         Upon the naming ofrecipients of loans from the Nursing Scholars Program, the Commission shallinform the State Education Assistance Authority (SEAA) of its decisions. TheSEAA shall perform all of the administrative functions necessary to implementthis Article, which functions shall include: rule‑making, disseminationof information to the public, distribution and receipt of applications forscholarship loans, and the functions necessary for the execution, payment, andenforcement of promissory notes required under this Article. (1989, c. 594, s. 1; 1991, c.550, s. 1; 1993 (Reg. Sess., 1994), c. 769, s. 17.11(a); 1997‑214, s. 1;2005‑276, s. 9.33; 2006‑66, s. 9.9(a).)