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§ 90‑171.91. Effective date, withdrawal, and amendment.

(a)        This Compact shall become effective as to any state when ithas been enacted into the laws of that state. Any party state may withdraw fromthis Compact by enacting a statute repealing the Compact, but the withdrawalshall not take effect until six months after the withdrawing state has givennotice of the withdrawal to the Compact administrators of all other partystates.

(b)        No withdrawal shall affect the validity or applicability ofany report of adverse action taken by the licensing board of a state thatremains a party to the Compact if the adverse action occurred prior to thewithdrawal.

(c)        This Compact does not invalidate or prevent any nurselicensure agreement or other cooperative arrangement between a party state anda nonparty state that is made in accordance with this Compact.

(d)        This Compact may be amended by the party states. Noamendment to this Compact shall become effective and binding upon the partystates unless and until it is enacted into the laws of all party states. (1999‑245, s. 1.)