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§ 90‑178.3. Regulation of midwifery.

(a)        No person shall practice or offer to practice or holdoneself out to practice midwifery unless approved pursuant to this Article.

(b)        A person approved pursuant to this Article may practicemidwifery in a hospital or non‑hospital setting and shall practice underthe supervision of a physician licensed to practice medicine who is activelyengaged in the practice of obstetrics. A registered nurse approved pursuant tothis Article is authorized to write prescriptions for drugs in accordance withthe same conditions applicable to a nurse practitioner under G.S. 90‑18.2(b).

(c)        Graduate nurse midwife applicant status may be granted bythe joint subcommittee in accordance with G.S. 90‑178.4. (1983, c. 897, s. 1; 2000‑140, s. 60.)