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§ 90‑178.4. Administration.

(a)        The joint subcommittee of the North Carolina Medical Boardand the Board of Nursing created pursuant to G.S. 90‑18.2 shalladminister the provisions of this Article and the rules adopted pursuant tothis Article; Provided, however, that actions of the joint subcommitteepursuant to this Article shall not require approval by the North CarolinaMedical Board and the Board of Nursing. For purposes of this Article, the jointsubcommittee shall be enlarged by four additional members, including twocertified midwives and two obstetricians who have had working experience withmidwives.

(b)        The joint subcommittee shall adopt rules pursuant to thisArticle to establish:

(1)        A fee which shall cover application and initial approval upto a maximum of one hundred dollars ($100.00);

(2)        An annual renewal fee to be paid by January 1 of each yearby persons approved pursuant to this Article up to a maximum of fifty dollars($50.00);

(3)        A reinstatement fee for a lapsed approval up to a maximum offive dollars ($5.00);

(4)        The form and contents of the applications which shallinclude information related to the applicant's education and certification bythe American College of Nurse‑Midwives; and

(5)        The procedure for establishing physician supervision asrequired by this Article.

(c)        The joint subcommittee may solicit, employ, or contract fortechnical assistance and clerical assistance and may purchase or contract forthe materials and services it needs.

(d)        All fees collected on behalf of the joint subcommittee andall receipts of every kind and nature, as well as the compensation paid themembers of the joint subcommittee and the necessary expenses incurred by themin the performance of the duties imposed upon them, shall be reported annuallyto the State Treasurer. All fees and other moneys received by the jointsubcommittee pursuant to the provisions of the General Statutes shall be keptin a separate fund by the joint subcommittee, to be held and expended only forsuch purposes as are proper and necessary to the discharge of the duties of thejoint subcommittee and to enforce the provisions of this Article. No expenseincurred by the joint subcommittee shall be charged against the State.

(e)        Members of the joint subcommittee who are not officers oremployees of the State shall receive compensation and reimbursement for traveland subsistence expenses at the rates specified in G.S. 138‑5. Members ofthe joint subcommittee who are officers or employees of the State shall receivereimbursement for travel and subsistence expenses at the rate set out in G.S.138‑6. (1983, c. 897, s.1; 1995, c. 94, s. 31.)