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§ 90‑187.10. Necessity for license; certain practices exempted.

No person shall engage in the practice of veterinary medicine or ownall or part interest in a veterinary medical practice in this State or attemptto do so without having first applied for and obtained a license for suchpurpose from the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board, or without havingfirst obtained from said Board a certificate of renewal of license for thecalendar year in which such person proposes to practice and until he shall havebeen first licensed and registered for such practice in the manner provided inthis Article and the rules and regulations of the said Board.

Nothing in this Article shall be construed to prohibit:

(1)        Any person or his employee from administering to animals,the title to which is vested in himself, except when said title is so vestedfor the purpose of circumventing the provisions of this Article;

(2)        Any person who is a regular student or instructor in alegally chartered college from the performance of those duties and actionsassigned as his responsibility in teaching or research;

(3)        Any veterinarian not licensed by the Board who is a memberof the armed forces of the United States or who is an employee of the UnitedStates Department of Agriculture, the United States Public Health Service orother federal agency, or the State of North Carolina, or political subdivisionthereof, from performing official duties while so commissioned or employed;

(4)        Any person from such practices as permitted under theprovisions of G.S. 90‑185, House Bill 659, Chapter 17, Public Laws 1937,or House Bill 358, Chapter 5, Private Laws 1941;

(5)        Any person from dehorning or castrating male food animals;

(6)        Any person from providing for or assisting in the practiceof artificial insemination;

(7)        Any physician licensed to practice medicine in this State,or his assistant, while engaged in medical research;

(8)        Any certified rabies vaccinator appointed, certified andacting within the provisions of G.S. 130A‑186;

(9)        Any veterinarian licensed to practice in another state fromexamining livestock or acting as a consultant in North Carolina, provided he isdirectly supervised by a veterinarian licensed by the Board who must, at orprior to the first instance of consulting, notify the Board, in writing, thathe is supervising the consulting veterinarian, give the Board the name,address, and licensure status of the consulting veterinarian, and also verifyto the Board that the supervising veterinarian assumes responsibility for theprofessional acts of the consulting veterinarian; and provided further, thatthe consultation by the veterinarian in North Carolina does not exceed 10 daysor parts thereof per year, and further that all infectious or contagiousdiseases diagnosed are reported to the State Veterinarian within 48 hours; or

(10)      Any person employed by the North Carolina Department ofAgriculture and Consumer Services as a livestock inspector or by the U.S.Department of Agriculture as an animal health technician from performingregular duties assigned to him or her during the course and scope of thatperson's employment. (1903, c. 503, s. 12; Rev., s. 5438; C.S., s. 6761; 1961, c. 353, s. 9;1973, c. 1106, s. 1; 1983, c. 891, s. 11; 1993, c. 500, s. 16; 1995, c. 509, s.43; 1997‑261, s. 11.)