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§ 90‑187.3. Applicants licensed in other states.

(a)        The Board may issue a license without written examination,other than the written North Carolina license examination, to applicantsalready licensed in another state provided the applicant presents evidencesatisfactory to the Board that:

(1)        The applicant is currently an active, competent practitionerin good standing.

(2)        The applicant has practiced at least three of the five yearsimmediately preceding filing the application.

(3)        The applicant currently holds an active license in anotherstate.

(4)        There is no disciplinary proceeding or unresolved complaintpending against the applicant at the time a license is to be issued by thisState.

(4a)      Any disciplinary actions taken against the applicant or hisor her license by the other state in which he or she is licensed will notaffect the applicant's competency to practice veterinary medicine as providedin this Article or any rules adopted by the Board.

(5)        The licensure requirements in the other state aresubstantially equivalent to those required by this State.

(6)        The applicant has achieved a passing score on the writtenNorth Carolina license examination.

(a1)      Expired.

(b)        The Board may issue a license without a written examination,other than the written North Carolina license examination, to an applicant whomeets the requirements of G.S. 90‑187(c).

(c)        The Board may at its discretion orally or practicallyexamine any person qualifying for licensure under this section, byadministering a nationally recognized clinical competency test as well as theNorth Carolina license examination.

(d)        The Board may issue a limited license to practice veterinarymedicine to an applicant who is not otherwise eligible for a license topractice veterinary medicine under this Article, without examination, if theapplicant meets the criteria established in subdivisions (1) through (6) ofsubsection (a) of this section. (1959, c. 744; 1973, c. 1106, s. 1; 1981, c. 767, s. 7; 1993, c. 500,s. 11; 1999‑203, ss. 1, 2.)