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§ 90‑187.7. Abandonment of animals; notice to owner; relief from liability for disposal;"abandoned" defined.

(a)        Any animal placed in the custody of a licensed veterinarianfor treatment, boarding or other care, which shall be unclaimed by its owner orhis agent for a period of more than 10 days after written notice by registeredor certified mail, return receipt requested, to the owner or his agent at hislast known address, shall be deemed to be abandoned and may be turned over tothe nearest humane society, or dog pound or disposed of as such custodian maydeem proper.

(b)        The giving of notice to the owner, or the agent of theowner, of such animal by the licensed veterinarian, as provided in subsection(a) of this section, shall relieve the licensed veterinarian and any custodianto whom such animal may be given of any further liability for disposal.

(c)        For the purpose of this Article the term"abandoned" shall mean to forsake entirely, or to neglect or refuseto provide or perform the legal obligations for care and support of an animalby its owner, or his agent. Such abandonment shall constitute therelinquishment of all rights and claims by the owner to such animal. (1973, c. 1106, s. 1.)