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Article 12A.


§ 90‑202.2.  "Podiatry" defined.

(a)        Podiatry as defined by this Article is the surgical,medical, or mechanical treatment of all ailments of the human foot and ankle,and their related soft tissue structures to the level of the myotendinousjunction. Excluded from the definition of podiatry is the amputation of theentire foot, the administration of an anesthetic other than local, and thesurgical correction of clubfoot of an infant two years of age or less.

(b)        Except for procedures for bone spurs and simple soft tissueprocedures, any surgery on the ankle or on the soft tissue structures relatedto the ankle, any amputations, and any surgical correction of clubfoot shall beperformed by a podiatrist only in a hospital licensed under Article 5 ofChapter 131E of the General Statutes or in a multispecialty ambulatory surgicalfacility that is not a licensed office setting, and that is licensed under PartD of Article 6 of Chapter 131E of the General Statutes. Before performing anyof the surgeries referred to in this subsection in a multispecialty ambulatorysurgical facility, the podiatrist shall have applied for and been grantedprivileges to perform this surgery in the multispecialty ambulatory surgicalfacility. The granting of these privileges shall be based upon the samecriteria for granting hospital privileges under G.S. 131E‑85.

(c)        The North Carolina Board of Podiatry Examiners shallmaintain a list of podiatrists qualified to perform the surgeries listed insubsection (b) of this section, along with specific information on the surgicaltraining successfully completed by each licensee. (1919, c. 78, s. 2; C.S., s. 6763; 1945, c. 126; 1963,c. 1195, s. 2; 1971, c. 1211; 1975, c. 672, s. 1; 1995, c. 248, s. 1.)