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§ 90‑210.24.  Inspector.

(a)        The Board may appoint one or more agents who shall serve atthe pleasure of the Board and who shall have the title "Inspector of theNorth Carolina Board of Funeral Service." No person is eligible forappointment as inspector unless at the time of the appointment the person islicensed under this Article as a funeral service licensee.

(b)        To determine compliance with the provisions of this Articleand regulations promulgated under this Article, inspectors may

(1)        Enter the office, establishment or place of business of anyfuneral service licensee, funeral director or embalmer in North Carolina, andany office, establishment or place in North Carolina where the practice offuneral service or embalming is carried on, or where that practice isadvertised as being carried on, or where a funeral is being conducted or a bodyis being embalmed, to inspect the records, office, establishment, or facility,or to inspect the practice being carried on or license or registration of anylicensee and any resident trainee operating therein;

(2)        Enter any hospital, nursing home, or other institution fromwhich a dead human body has been removed by any person licensed under thisArticle or their designated representative to inspect records pertaining to theremoval and its authorization; and

(3)        May inspect criminal and probation records of licensees andapplicants for licenses under this Article to obtain evidence of theircharacter.

Inspectors may serve papers and subpoenas issued bythe Board or any office or member thereof under authority of this Article, andshall perform other duties prescribed or ordered by the Board.

(c)        Upon request by the Board, the Attorney General of NorthCarolina shall provide the inspectors with appropriate identification cards,signed by the Attorney General or his designated agent.

(d)        The Board may prescribe an inspection form to be used by theinspectors in performing their duties. (1975, c. 571;1979, c. 461, s. 10; 1993, c. 164, s. 2; 1997‑399, s. 4; 2003‑420,ss. 1, 6.)