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Article 16.

Dental Hygiene Act.

§ 90‑221.  Definitions.

(a)        "Dentalhygiene" as used in this Article shall mean the performance of thefollowing functions: Complete oral prophylaxis, application of preventiveagents to oral structures, exposure and processing of radiographs,administration of medicaments prescribed by a licensed dentist, preparation ofdiagnostic aids, and written records of oral conditions for interpretation bythe dentist, together with such other and further functions as may be permittedby rules and regulations of the Board not inconsistent herewith.

(b)        "Dentalhygienist" as used in this Article, shall mean any person who is agraduate of a Board‑accredited school of dental hygiene, who has beenlicensed by the Board, and who practices dental hygiene as prescribed by theBoard.

(c)        "License"shall mean a certificate issued to any applicant upon completion ofrequirements for admission to practice dental hygiene.

(d)        "Renewalcertificate" shall mean the annual certificate of renewal of license tocontinue practice of dental hygiene in the State of North Carolina.

(e)        "Board"shall mean "The North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners"created by Chapter 139, Public Laws of 1879, and Chapter 178, Public Laws of1915 as continued in existence by G.S. 90‑22.

(f)         "Supervision"as used in this Article shall mean that acts are deemed to be under thesupervision of a licensed dentist when performed in a locale where a licenseddentist is physically present during the performance of such acts, except thoseacts performed under direction and in compliance with G.S. 90‑233(a) orG.S. 90‑233(a1), and such acts are being performed pursuant to thedentist's order, control and approval. (1945, c. 639, s. 1; 1971, c. 756, s. 1; 1981, c. 824,s. 1; 2007‑124, s. 1.)