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§ 90‑223.  Powers andduties of Board.

(a)        The Board isauthorized and empowered to:

(1)        Conduct examinationsfor licensure,

(2)        Issue licenses andprovisional licenses,

(3)        Issue annual renewalcertificates,

(4)        Renew expiredlicenses, and

(5)        Contract with aregional or national testing agency to conduct clinical examinations. Prior toentering a contract with a regional or national testing agency, the Board shallevaluate the agency based on the following criteria:

a.         The number of statesthat recognize the results of the testing agency's examination.

b.         The cost to theapplicant of the examination.

c.         How long the testingagency has been conducting examinations.

d.         Whether theexamination includes procedures performed on human subjects as part of the assessmentof clinical competencies.

(b)        The Board shallhave the authority to make or amend rules and regulations not inconsistent withthis Article governing the practice of dental hygiene and the granting,revocation and suspension of licenses and provisional licenses of dentalhygienists.

(1)        Any rule adoptedunder this Article shall be distributed to all licensed dentists and alllicensed dental hygienists within 30 days of final approval by the Board.

(2)        The Board shallissue every two years a compilation or supplement of the Dental Hygiene Act andthe Board rules and regulations, and, upon written request therefor, adirectory of dental hygienists to each licensed dentist and dental hygienist.

(c)        The Board shallkeep on file in its office at all times a complete record of the names,addresses, license numbers and renewal certificate numbers of all personsentitled to practice dental hygiene in this State.

(d)        The Board shall, inaddition to any other requirements for Board approval of a school or program ofdental hygiene for purposes of this Article, require that any school or programin North Carolina develop and implement a procedure for advanced placement ofpotentially qualified persons. This procedure shall be designed to encourageand allow credit for any person who has attained special capabilities in dentalwork through military service, on‑the‑job training or workingexperience, or other means not otherwise qualifying the person to beimmediately eligible for licensure. The procedure shall include these elements:public announcement of the procedure, a method for persons who have specialcapabilities through training or experience to make application to the schoolor program for advanced placement, personal counseling on obtaining advancedplacement, administration of specially prepared written and clinicalexaminations for all parts of the curriculum otherwise required for graduation,exemption from course requirements when results of the examinations soindicate, and appropriate modification of curriculum requirements, whennecessary, to facilitate individual advancement in education programs. Theprocedure for advanced placement shall not be approved by the Board unless itis fairly designed to facilitate the substitution of military or civiliantraining and experience for regular curricula, taking into account that thespecial nature of military and certain civilian training and experience may beequivalent without necessarily being identical to the courses of the school orprogram.

(e)        The Board shallhave the authority to provide for programs for impaired dental hygienists asauthorized in G.S. 90‑48.3. (1945, c. 639, s. 3; 1971, c. 756, s. 2; 1973, c. 871,s. 2; 1979, 2nd Sess., c. 1195, s. 14; 1987, c. 827, s. 1; 1999‑382, s.2; 2000‑189, s. 7; 2006‑235, s. 1.)