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§ 90‑238.  NorthCarolina State Board of Opticians created; appointment and qualification ofmembers.

The North Carolina State Boardof Opticians is created. The Board's duty is to carry out the purposes andenforce the provisions of this Article. The Board shall consist of sevenmembers appointed by the Governor as follows:

(1)        Five licenseddispensing opticians, each of whom shall serve three‑year terms;

(2)        Two residents ofNorth Carolina who are not licensed as dispensing opticians, physicians, oroptometrists, who shall serve three‑year terms.

Each member of the Board shallserve until the member's successor is appointed and qualifies. No person shallserve on this Board for more than two complete consecutive terms. Beforebeginning office, each member of the Board shall take all oaths prescribed forother State officers in the manner provided by law, which oaths shall be filedin the office of the Secretary of State. The Governor may remove any member ofthe Board for good cause shown, may appoint members to fill unexpired terms,and must make optician appointments from a list of three nominees for eachvacancy submitted by the Board as a result of an election conducted by theBoard each year and open to all licensees. In naming candidates for election, theBoard must ensure that its candidates reflect the composition of the State withregards to gender, ethnic, racial, and age composition. If the Board fails tofulfill its requirements under this section, the Governor may appoint alicensed optician to fill a vacancy on the Board. (1951, c. 1089, s. 5; 1979,c. 533; 1981, c. 600, s. 3; 1997‑424, s. 7; 2007‑525, s. 13.)