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State Codes and Statutes

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§ 90‑270.30. Licensure of foreign‑trained physical therapists.

Any person who has been trained as a physical therapist in a foreigncounty [country] and desires to be licensed under this Article and who:

(1)        Is of good moral character;

(2)        Holds a diploma from an educational program for physicaltherapists approved by the Board:

(3)        Submits documentary evidence to the Board of completion ofa  course of instruction substantially equivalent to that obtained by anapplicant for licensure under G.S. 90‑270.29; and

(4)        Demonstrates satisfactory proof of proficiency in theEnglish language;

maymake application on a form furnished by the Board for examination as a foreign‑trainedphysical therapist. At the time of making such application, the applicant shallpay to the secretary‑treasurer of the Board the fee prescribed by theBoard, no portion of which shall be returned. (1959, c. 630; 1969, c. 556; 1979, c. 487; 1985, c.701, s. 1.)