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§ 90‑270.48A. Exemptions.

(a)        This Article doesnot prevent members of the clergy or licensed, certified, or registered membersof professional groups recognized by the Board from advertising or performingservices consistent with their own profession. Members of the clergy include,but are not limited to, persons who are ordained, consecrated, commissioned, orendorsed by a recognized denomination, church, faith group, or synagogue.Professional groups the Board shall recognize include, but are not limited to,licensed or certified social workers, licensed professional counselors, fee‑basedpastoral counselors, licensed practicing psychologists, psychologicalassociates, physicians, and attorneys‑at‑law. However, in no eventmay a person use the title "Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist"or "Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate," use the letters"LMFT" or "LMFTA," or in any way imply that the person is alicensed marriage and family therapist or a licensed marriage and familytherapy associate unless the person is licensed as such under this Article.

(b)        A person is exemptfrom the requirements of this Article if any of the following conditions aremet:

(1)        The person is (i)enrolled in a master's level program or higher in a recognized educationalinstitution, (ii) under supervision as approved by the Board in a traininginstitution approved by the Board, and (iii) designated by a title such as"marriage and family therapy intern."

(2)        The person ispracticing marriage and family therapy as an employee of a recognizededucational institution, or a governmental institution or agency and thepractice is included in the duties for which the person was employed by theinstitution or agency.

(3)        Repealed by SessionLaws 2009‑393, s. 3, effective October 1, 2009.

(4)        The person ispracticing marriage and family therapy as an employee of a hospital licensedunder Article 5 of Chapter 131E or Article 2 of Chapter 122C of the GeneralStatutes. Provided, however, no such person shall hold himself out as a licensedmarriage and family therapist.

(c)        No such personpracticing marriage and family therapy under the exemptions provided by thissection shall hold himself or herself out as a licensed marriage and familytherapist or licensed marriage and family therapy associate.  (1993 (Reg. Sess., 1994), c.564, s. 2; 2001‑487, s. 40(i); 2009‑393, s. 3.)