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§ 90‑270.50. Appointment and qualification of Board members.

(a)        Nominations for Appointment. – The Governor shall appointmembers of the Board only from among the candidates who meet the followingqualifications:

(1)        Four members shall be practicing marriage and familytherapists who are licensed marriage and family therapists in the State at thetime of their appointment, each of whom has been for at least five yearsimmediately preceding appointment actively engaged as a marriage and familytherapist in rendering professional services in marriage and family therapy, orin the education and training of graduate or postgraduate students of marriageand family therapy, and has spent the majority of the time devoted to thisactivity in this State during the two years preceding appointment.

(2)        Three members shall be representatives of the general publicwho have no direct affiliation with the practice of marriage and familytherapy.

(b)        The appointment of any member of the Board shallautomatically terminate 30 days after the date the member is no longer aresident of the State of North Carolina.

(c)        The Governor shall fill any vacancy by appointment for theunexpired term.

(d)        Each member of the Board must be a citizen of this State andmust reside in a different congressional district in this State. (1979, c. 697, s. 1; 1985, c. 223, s. 1; 1993 (Reg.Sess., 1994), c. 564, s. 2.)