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§ 90‑288.13. Definitions.

The following definitionsapply in this Article:

(1)        Administrator‑in‑training.– An individual who serves a training period under the supervision of anapproved preceptor.

(2)        Assisted livingadministrator. – An individual certified to operate, administer, manage, andsupervise an assisted living residence or to share in the performance of theseduties with another person who has been so certified.

(3)        Assisted livingresidence. – A facility defined in G.S. 131D‑2.1(5), whether proprietaryor nonprofit. The term also includes institutions or facilities that are ownedor administered by the federal or State government or any agency or politicalsubdivision of the State government.

(4)        Department. – TheDepartment of Health and Human Services.

(5)        Preceptor. – Anindividual who is certified by the Department as an assisted livingadministrator and who meets the requirements established by the Department toserve as a supervisor of administrators‑in‑training.  (1999‑443, s. 1; 2009‑462,s. 4(c).)