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§ 90‑288.14. Assisted living administrator certification.

An applicant shall be certified by the Department as an assisted livingadministrator if the applicant meets all of the following qualifications:

(1)        Is at least 21 years old.

(2)        Provides a satisfactory criminal background report from theState Repository of Criminal Histories, which shall be provided by the StateBureau of Investigation upon its receiving fingerprints from the applicant. Ifthe applicant has been a resident of this State for less than five years, theapplicant shall provide a satisfactory criminal background report from both theState and National Repositories of Criminal Histories.

(3)        Successfully completes the equivalent of two years ofcoursework at an accredited college or university or has a combination ofeducation and experience as approved by the Department.

(4)        Successfully completes a Department approved administrator‑in‑trainingprogram of at least 120 hours of study in courses relating to assisted livingresidences.

(5)        Successfully completes a written examination administered bythe Department. (1999‑443, s.1.)