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§ 90‑288.15. Issuance, renewal, and replacement of certificates.

(a)        The Department shall issue a certificate to any applicantwho has satisfactorily met the requirements of this Article. The certificateshall show the full name of the person and an identification number and shallbe signed by the Secretary of the Department. A certificate may not betransferred or assigned.

(b)        All certificates shall expire on December 31 of the secondyear following issuance. All applications for renewal shall be filed with theDepartment and shall be accompanied by documentation of the certificateholder's completion of the annual continuing education requirements establishedby the Department regarding the management and operation of an assisted livingresidence.

(c)        The Department shall replace any certificate that is lost,destroyed, or mutilated subject to rules established by the Department. (1999‑443, s. 1.)