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§ 90‑298. Qualifications for applicants for temporary licensure.

(a)        To be eligible for temporary licensure an applicant must:

(1)        Meet the academic and clinical practicum requirements ofG.S. 90‑295(1), (2), and (3); and

(2)        Submit a plan of supervised experience complying with theprovisions of G.S. 90‑295(4); and

(3)        Pay the temporary license fee required by G.S. 90‑305(5).

(b)        A temporary license is required when an applicant has notcompleted the required supervised experience and passed the requiredexamination.  A person who holds a temporary license during the supervisedexperience year must take and pass the examination required by the Board forpermanent licensure before the end of the temporary license period.

(c)        A temporary license issued under this section shall be validonly during the period of supervised experience required by G.S. 90‑295(4),and shall not be renewed. (1975, c. 773, s. 1; 1987, c. 665, s. 6.)