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State Codes and Statutes

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§ 90‑301A. Unethical acts and practices.

Unethical acts and practices shall be defined as including:

(1)        Obtaining or attempting to obtain any fee by fraud ormisrepresentation.

(2)        Employing directly or indirectly any suspended or unlicensedperson to perform any work covered by this Article.

(3)        Using, or causing or promoting the use of any advertisingmatter, promotional literature, testimonial, guarantee, warranty, label, brand,insignia, or any other representation, however disseminated or published, whichis misleading, deceiving, improbable, or untruthful.

(4)        Aiding, abetting, or assisting any other person or entity inviolating the provisions of this Article.

(5)        Willfully harming any person in the course of the deliveryof professional services licensed by this Article.

(6)        Treating a person who cannot reasonably be expected tobenefit from treatment.

(7)        Charging a fee for treatment or services not rendered.

(8)        Providing or attempting to provide services or supervisionof services by persons not properly prepared or legally qualified to perform orpermitting services to be provided by a person under such person's supervisionwho is not properly prepared or legally qualified to perform such services.

(9)        Guaranteeing the result of any therapeutic or evaluationprocedure. (1987, c. 665, s.8.)