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§ 90‑333.  NorthCarolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors; appointments; terms;composition.

(a)        For the purpose ofcarrying out the provisions of this Article, there is hereby created the NorthCarolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors which shall consist of sevenmembers appointed by the Governor in the manner hereinafter prescribed. AnyState or nationally recognized professional association representingprofessional counselors may submit recommendations to the Governor for Boardmembership. The Governor may remove any member of the Board for neglect of dutyor malfeasance or conviction of a felony or other crime of moral turpitude, butfor no other reason.

(b)        At least fivemembers of the Board shall be licensed professional counselors except thatinitial appointees shall be persons who meet the educational and experiencerequirements for licensure as licensed professional counselors under theprovisions of this Article; and two members shall be public‑at‑largemembers appointed from the general public. Composition of the Board as to therace and sex of its members shall reflect the population of the State and eachmember shall reside in a different congressional district.

(c)        At all times theBoard shall include at least one counselor primarily engaged in counseloreducation, at least one counselor primarily engaged in the public sector, atleast one counselor primarily engaged in the private sector, and two licensedprofessional counselors at large.

(d)        All members of theBoard shall be residents of the State of North Carolina, and, with theexception of the public‑at‑large members, shall be licensed by theBoard under the provisions of this Article. Professional members of the Boardmust be actively engaged in the practice of counseling or in the education andtraining of students in counseling, and have been for at least three yearsprior to their appointment to the Board. The engagement in this activity duringthe two years preceding the appointment shall have occurred primarily in thisState.

(e)        The term of officeof each member of the Board shall be three years; provided, however, that ofthe members first appointed, three shall be appointed for terms of one year,two for terms of two years, and two for terms of three years. No member shallserve more than two consecutive three‑year terms.

(f)         Each term ofservice on the Board shall expire on the 30th day of June of the year in whichthe term expires. As the term of a member expires, the Governor shall make theappointment for a full term, or, if a vacancy occurs for any other reason, forthe remainder of the unexpired term. Appointees to the Board shall continue toserve until a successor is appointed and qualified.

(g)        Members of theBoard shall receive compensation for their services and reimbursement forexpenses incurred in the performance of duties required by this Article, at therates prescribed in G.S. 93B‑5.

(h)        The Board mayemploy, subject to the provisions of Chapter 126 of the General Statutes, thenecessary personnel for the performance of its functions, and fix theircompensation within the limits of funds available to the Board.  (1983, c. 755, s. 1; 1993,c. 514, s. 1; 2009‑367, s. 4.)