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§ 90‑362.  Licenseas constituting property of Board; display requirement; renewal; inactivestatus.

(a)        A license issued by the Board is the property of the Boardand must be surrendered to the Board on demand.

(b)        The licensee shall display the license certificate in themanner prescribed by the Board.

(c)        The licensee shall inform the Board of any change of thelicensee's address.

(d)        The license shall be reissued by the Board annually uponpayment of a renewal fee if the licensee is not in violation of this Article atthe time of application for renewal and if the applicant fulfills currentrequirements of continuing education as established by the Board.

(e)        Each person licensed under this Article is responsible forrenewing his license before the expiration date.  The Board shall notify alicensee of pending license expiration at least 30 days in advance thereof.

(f)         The Board may provide for the late renewal of a licenseupon the payment of a late fee, but no such late fee renewal may be grantedmore than five years after a license expires.

(g)        Under procedures and conditions established by the Board, alicensee may request that his license be declared inactive.  The licensee mayapply for active status at any time and upon meeting the conditions set by theBoard shall be declared in active status. (1991, c. 668, s. 1.)