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§ 90‑37.1.  Limited volunteer dental license.

(a)        The North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners may issueto an applicant a "Limited Volunteer Dental License" to practicedentistry only in nonprofit health care facilities serving low‑incomepopulations in the State. Holders of a limited volunteer dental license mayvolunteer their professional services, without compensation, only for thepurpose of helping to meet the dental health needs of these persons served bythese facilities. The Board may issue a limited license to an applicant underthis section who:

(1)        Has an out‑of‑state current or expired license,or an expired license in this State, or is authorized to treat veterans orpersonnel enlisted in the United States armed services; and

(2)        Has actively practiced dentistry, as defined in G.S. 90‑29(b)(1)through (b)(9), within the past five years.

(b)        The limited license may be issued to an applicant whoproduces satisfactory evidence to the Board that the applicant has the requirededucation, training, and qualifications; is in good standing with the licensingjurisdiction; has passed satisfactory examinations of proficiency in theknowledge and practice of dentistry as determined by the Board; and meets allother requirements of this section and rules adopted by the Board. The Boardmay conduct examinations and interviews to test the qualifications of theapplicant and may require additional information that would affect theapplicant's ability to render competent dental care. The Board may, in its discretion,refuse to issue a "limited volunteer dental license" to an applicantwho the Board determines is unfit to practice dentistry.

(c)        The applicant shall be of good moral character and shallhave graduated from and have a DDS or DMD degree from a program of dentistry ina school or college accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of theAmerican Dental Association and approved by the Board.

(d)        The applicant shall meet all of the following conditions:

(1)        Show that the applicant has actively practiced dentistry, asdefined in G.S. 90‑29(b)(1) through (b)(9), for a minimum of five years.

(2)        Show that the applicant has not been the subject of final orpending disciplinary action in any state in which the applicant has ever beenlicensed to practice dentistry or in any state in which the applicant has heldany other professional license.

(3)        Present evidence that the applicant has no felonyconvictions and that the applicant has no other criminal convictions that wouldaffect the applicant's ability to render competent care.

(4)        Present evidence that the applicant has no pending VeteransAdministration or military disciplinary actions or any history of suchdisciplinary action.

(5)        Show that the applicant has not failed an examinationconducted by the North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners.

(e)        The applicant shall submit an application, the form of whichshall be determined by the Board, pay the fee required under G.S. 90‑39,and successfully complete examinations in Jurisprudence and Sterilization andInfection Control. The Board may charge and collect fees for licenseapplication and annual renewal as required under G.S. 90‑39, except thatcredentialing fees applicable under G.S. 90‑39(13) are waived for holdersof a limited volunteer dental license.

(f)         Holders of a limited volunteer dental license shall complywith the continuing dental education requirements adopted by the Boardincluding CPR training.

(g)        The holder of a limited license under this section whopractices dentistry other than as authorized in this section shall be guilty ofa Class 1 misdemeanor with each day's violation constituting a separateoffense. Upon proof of practice other than as authorized in this section, theBoard may suspend or revoke the limited license after notice to the licensee.For violations of the dental practice act or rules adopted under the act thatare applicable to a limited license practice, the Board has the same authorityto investigate and impose sanctions on limited license holders as it has forthose holding an unlimited license.

(h)        The Board shall maintain a nonexclusive list of nonprofithealth care facilities serving the dental health needs of low‑incomepopulations in the State. Upon request, the Board shall consider adding otherfacilities to the list.

(i)         The Board may adopt rules in accordance with Chapter 150Bof the General Statutes to implement this section. (2002‑37, s. 4.)