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§ 90‑37.2.  Temporarypermits for volunteer dentists.

(a)        The North CarolinaState Board of Dental Examiners may issue to a person who is not licensed topractice dentistry in this State and who is a graduate of a Board‑approveddental school, college, or institution a temporary volunteer permit authorizingsuch person to practice dentistry under the supervision or direction of adentist duly licensed in this State. A temporary volunteer permit shall beissued only to those dentists who are licensed in another Board‑approvedstate or jurisdiction, have never been subject to discipline, and have passed apatient‑based clinical examination substantially similar to the clinicalexamination offered in this State. The issuance of a temporary volunteer permitis subject to the following conditions:

(1)        A temporaryvolunteer permit shall be valid no more than one year from the date of issue;provided, however, that the Board may renew the permit for additional one‑yearperiods.

(2)        The holder of atemporary volunteer permit may practice only under the supervision or directionof one or more dentists duly licensed to practice in this State.

(3)        The holder of atemporary volunteer permit may practice dentistry only: (i) as a volunteer in ahospital, sanatorium, temporary clinic, or like institution which is licensedor approved by the State of North Carolina and approved by the Board; (ii) as avolunteer for a nonprofit health care facility serving low‑incomepopulations and approved by the State Health Director or his designee orapproved by the Board; or (iii) as a volunteer for the State of North Carolinaor an agency or political subdivision thereof, or any other governmental entitywithin the State of North Carolina, when such service is approved by the Board.

(4)        The holder of atemporary volunteer permit shall receive no fee or monetary compensation of anykind or nature for any dental service performed.

(5)        The practice ofdentistry by the holder of a temporary volunteer permit shall be strictlylimited to the confines of and to the registered patients of the hospital,sanatorium, temporary clinic, or approved nonprofit health care facilities forwhich he is working or to the patients officially served by the governmentalentity to which he is offering his volunteer services.

(6)        The holder of atemporary volunteer permit shall be subject to discipline by the Board forthose actions constituting the practice of dentistry by G.S. 90‑29occurring while practicing in this State.

(7)        Any person seeking atemporary volunteer permit must file with the Board such proof as is requiredby the Board to determine if the applicant has a valid unrestricted dentallicense in another state or jurisdiction, has not been subject to discipline byany licensing board, has a proven record of clinical safety and is otherwisequalified to practice dentistry in this State.

(8)        There shall be nofee associated with the issuance of a temporary volunteer permit for thepractice of dentistry.

(b)        The Board isauthorized to make rules consistent with this section to regulate the practiceof dentistry for those issued a temporary volunteer permit. (2007‑346, s. 27.)