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§ 90‑453.  AcupunctureLicensing Board.

(a)        Membership. – TheAcupuncture Licensing Board shall consist of nine members, three appointed bythe Governor and six by the General Assembly. The six members appointed by theGeneral Assembly shall be licensed to practice acupuncture in this State andshall not be licensed physicians under Article 1 of this Chapter. The personsinitially appointed to those positions by the General Assembly need not belicensed at the time of selection but shall have met the qualifications underG.S. 90‑455(a)(4) and (5). Of the Governor's three appointments, oneshall be a layperson who is not employed in a health care profession; one shallbe a physician licensed under Article 1 of this Chapter who has successfullycompleted 200 hours of Category I American Medical Association credit inmedical acupuncture training as recommended by the American Academy of MedicalAcupuncture; and one shall be licensed to practice acupuncture in this State.Of the members to be appointed by the General Assembly, three shall beappointed upon the recommendation of the Speaker of the House ofRepresentatives, and three shall be appointed upon the recommendation of thePresident Pro Tempore of the Senate. The members appointed by the GeneralAssembly must be appointed in accordance with G.S. 120‑121.

Members serve at the pleasureof the appointing authority. Vacancies shall be filled by the originalappointing authority and the term shall be for the balance of the unexpiredterm. A vacancy by a member appointed by the General Assembly must be filled inaccordance with G.S. 120‑122.

(b)        Terms. – Themembers appointed initially by the Governor shall each serve a term ending onJune 30, 1994. Of the General Assembly's initial appointments upon therecommendation of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, one shall servea term ending June 30, 1995, and the other shall serve a term ending June 30,1996. Of the General Assembly's initial appointments upon the recommendation ofthe President Pro Tempore of the Senate, one shall serve a term ending June 30,1995, and the other shall serve a term ending June 30, 1996. After the initialappointments, all members shall be appointed for terms of three years beginningon July 1. No person may serve more than two consecutive full terms as a memberof the Board.

(c)        Meetings. – TheBoard shall meet at least once each year within 45 days after the appointmentof the new members. At the Board's first meeting each year after the newmembers have been appointed, the members shall elect a chair of the Board and asecretary for the year. No person shall chair the Board for more than fiveconsecutive years. The Board shall meet at other times as needed to perform itsduties. A majority of the Board shall constitute a quorum for the transactionof business.

(d)        Compensation. – Membersof the Board are entitled to compensation and to reimbursement for travel andsubsistence as provided in G.S. 93B‑5. (1993, c. 303, s. 1; 2007‑472, s. 1.)