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§ 90‑454.  Powers and duties of Board.

The Board may:

(1)        Deny, issue, suspend, and revoke licenses in accordance withrules adopted by the Board, and may collect fees, investigate violations ofthis Article, and otherwise administer the provisions of this Article.

(2)        Sponsor or authorize other entities to offer continuingeducation programs, and approve continuing education requirements for licenserenewal.

(3)        Establish requirements for, collect fees from, and approveschools of acupuncture in this State. The requirements shall be at least asstringent as the core curricula standards of the Council of Colleges ofAcupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

(4)        Sue to enjoin violations of G.S. 90‑452. The court mayissue an injunction even though no person has yet been injured as a result ofthe unauthorized practice.

(5)        Adopt and use a seal to authenticate official documents ofthe Board.

(6)        Employ and fix the compensation of personnel andprofessional advisors, including legal counsel, as may be needed to carry outits functions, and purchase, lease, rent, sell, or otherwise dispose ofpersonal and real property for the operations of the Board.

(7)        Expend funds as necessary to carry out the provisions ofthis Article from revenues and interest generated by fees collected under thisArticle.

(8)        Adopt rules to implement this Article in accordance withChapter 150B of the General Statutes.

(9)        Establish practice parameters to become effective July 1,1995. The practice parameters shall be applicable to general and specialtyareas of practice. The Board shall review the parameters on a regular basis andshall require licensees to identify parameters being utilized, the plan ofcare, and treatment modalities utilized in accordance with the plan of care. (1993, c. 303, s. 1; 2005‑379, s. 1.)