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§ 90‑455.  Qualifications for license; renewal;inactive, suspended, expired, or lapsed license.

(a)        Initial License. – To receive a license to practiceacupuncture, a person shall meet all of the following requirements:

(1)        Submit a completed application as required by the Board.

(2)        Submit any fees required by the Board.

(3)        Submit proof of successful completion of a licensingexamination administered or approved by the Board.

(4)        Provide documentary evidence of having met one of thefollowing standards of education, training, or demonstrated experience:

a.         Successful completion of a three‑year postgraduateacupuncture college or training program approved by the Board.

b.         Continuous licensure to practice acupuncture by an agency ofanother state or another state whose qualifications for licensure meet orexceed those of this State for at least 10 years before application forlicensure in this State during which time no disciplinary actions were taken orare pending against the applicant and submitting proof to the Board that theapplicant has fulfilled at least an average of 20 continuing education units inacupuncture or health care‑related studies for each of the 10 yearspreceding application for licensure.

(5)        Submit proof of successful completion of the Clean NeedleTechnique Course offered by the Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and OrientalMedicine.

(6)        Be of good moral character.

(7)        Is not currently or has not engaged in any practice orconduct that would constitute grounds for disciplinary action pursuant to G.S.90‑456.

(8)        Submit a form signed by the applicant attesting to theintention of the applicant to adhere fully to the ethical standards adopted bythe Board.

(b)        Renewal of License. – The license to practice acupunctureshall be renewed every two years. Upon submitting all required declarations,documents, and fees required by the Board for renewal, the applicant's licenseshall remain in good standing for a period of up to 120 days during which timethe Board shall meet to review and act upon the application for renewal. Torenew a license, an applicant shall:

(1)        Submit a completed application as required by the Board.

(2)        Submit any fees required by the Board.

(3)        Upon request by the Board, submit proof of completion of 40hours of Board‑approved continuing education units within each renewalperiod.

(c)        Inactive License. – A licensed acupuncturist who is notactively engaged in the practice of acupuncture in this State and who does notwish to renew the license may direct the Board to place the license on inactivestatus. A license may remain on inactive status for a period not to exceedeight years from the date the license was placed on inactive status. Upon anapplicant's proof of completion of 40 hours of Board‑approved continuingeducation units, payment of all fees, a determination by the Board that theapplicant is not engaged in any prohibited activities that would constitute thebasis for discipline as set forth in G.S. 90‑456, and has not engaged inany of those prohibited activities during the period of time the license hasbeen on inactive status, the Board may activate the license of the applicant.

(d)        Suspended License. – A suspended license is subject to therenewal requirements of this section and may be renewed as provided in thissection. This renewal does not entitle the licensed person to engage in thelicensed activity or in any other conduct or activity in violation of the orderor judgment by which the license was suspended, until the license isreinstated. If a license revoked on disciplinary grounds is reinstated andrequires renewal, the licensed person shall pay the renewal fee and anyapplicable late fee.

(e)        Expired License. – A license that has expired as a result offailure to renew pursuant to subsection (b) of this section may be renewed nolater than two years after its expiration. The date of renewal shall be thedate the Board acts to approve the renewal. To apply for renewal of an expiredlicense, the applicant shall:

(1)        File an application for renewal on a form provided by theBoard.

(2)        Submit proof of completion of all continuing educationrequirements.

(3)        Pay all accrued renewal fees, along with an expired licensefee.

(f)         Lapsed License. – A license that has lapsed as a result ofnot being renewed within two years after the license expired or not reactivatedwithin eight years after the license lapsed is deemed inactive. A lapsedlicense may not be renewed, reactivated, or reinstated. A person with a lapsedlicense may apply to obtain a new license pursuant to subsection (a) of thissection. (1993, c. 303, s. 1; 2005‑379,s. 2.)