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Article 31.

Institute of Medicine.

§ 90‑470.  Institute ofMedicine.

The persons appointed underthe provisions of this section are declared to be a body politic and corporateunder the name and style of the North Carolina Institute of Medicine, and bythat name may sue and be sued, make and use a corporate seal and alter the sameat pleasure, contract and be contracted with, and shall have and enjoy all therights and privileges necessary for the purposes of this section. Thecorporation shall have perpetual succession.

The purposes for which thecorporation is organized are to:

(1)        Be concerned withthe health of the people of North Carolina;

(2)        Monitor and studyhealth matters;

(3)        Respondauthoritatively when found advisable;

(4)        Respond to requestsfrom outside sources for analysis and advice when this will aid in forming abasis for health policy decisions.

The 18 initial members of theNorth Carolina Institute of Medicine shall be appointed by the Governor.

The initial members areauthorized, prior to expanding the membership, to establish bylaws, to procurefacilities, employ a director and staff, to solicit, receive and administerfunds in the name of the North Carolina Institute of Medicine, and carry outother activities necessary to fulfill the purposes of this section.

The members shall select withthe approval of the Governor additional members, so that the total membershipwill not exceed a number determined by the Board of Directors in its bylaws.The membership should be distinguished and influential leaders from the majorhealth professions, the hospital industry, the health insurance industry, Stateand county government and other political units, education, business andindustry, the universities, and the university medical centers.

The North Carolina Instituteof Medicine may receive and administer funds from private sources, foundations,State and county governments, federal agencies, and professional organizations.

The director and staff of theNorth Carolina Institute of Medicine should be chosen from those wellestablished in the field of health promotion and medical care.

For the purposes of Chapter55A of the General Statutes, the members appointed under this section shall beconsidered the initial board of directors.

The North Carolina Instituteof Medicine is declared to be under the patronage and control of the State.

The General Assembly reservesthe right to alter, amend, or repeal this section. (1983, c. 923, s. 197; 1995,c. 297, s. 1; 2007‑25, s. 1.)